Group therapy

Research claims that group therapy works with the same efficiency as individual therapy. However, their processes truly differ. This may come as a major surprise for those who prefer individual sessions saying it is only about them and no one can interfere.

Group therapy is fine when you are ready. Not everyone is okay with group therapy though because boundaries are different from those in individual therapy. However, the true difference is not the fact that group therapy touches only the surface and cannot be as deep as individual sessions.

Group therapy lists many advantages compared to individual sessions. You will get a lot of knowledge from group members. You can learn what works for others. Many would think they are the only ones in the world with a given problem – in a group setting you will see this is not the case. Experiencing altruism in the group is a blast feeling! Group leaders (a male and a female leader typically) will function just like your parents. Social learning is a feature of group therapy exclusively. Much therapeutic effect derives from observing group members and leaders. Feeling group cohesion is something you cannot really know without participating in a group therapy – just give it a shot.

I run group sessions in Hungarian and English of varied kinds. Duration and number of group members may differ.

Self-awareness group

This is about getting to know yourself, the most precious knowledge you will ever have. We kick off with the issues of the group members. It is about us, our human experiences, our pitfalls, behavior and relations with others. Past, present and future will all be in the here-and-now of group therapy.  We cannot discuss politics, philosophy, etc. because that will not assist us learn about ourselves, our functioning. We strive to work all this up to the level of consciousness, to modify, perhaps to accept or surpass all this.

NEXT GROUP BEGINS: end of April, 2015 (please see details)


Psychodrama is not about talking but doing. It is an action method. Anything we say, the way we function, our relationships will all come alive in the time and space of the psychodrama group. The queen of group therapies is a fast and efficient mirror giving us a chance to modify all that we want.

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Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a relaxation method known from the 1920-ies. You will learn how to generate the relax response instead of the stress response of your body. Recommended for a large variety of health conditions, autogenic training also has a self-awareness element to it.

NEXT GROUP BEGINS: end of April, 2015 (please see details)