If you are late one more time

“The one who arrives early suffers from anxiety, the one ‘on time’ is compulsive, the late one is narcissistic.” – joke among psychologists.


Most of us react frantically to those who are chronically late, questioning him sternly for his behavior, blaming him for thinking he is superior to us, not giving us enough respect, to our time, our work… Moreover, he probably enjoys the extra attention that comes with this problematic behavior. Let us just imagine: he enters the group, all eyes get fixed on him, thus all the – probably subconsciously craved – attention is his. Yes, the type exists that by arriving late relishes becoming the center of attention even though he may not be doing it intentionally. At the same time, according to studies carried out in this field, there is another type, one who is late no matter what the circumstances are. Continue reading